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B/G by Tyler Spangler

Novembre 24th
11:17 PM

Everlastic" by Cupp Cave ( Soundcloud / Facebook ) from NVMB EP, released by Ramp Recordings

Marzo 22nd
7:58 PM

Official video made by Duck Rabbit Studios for “The Disconnect" by The Watermark High ( Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook ) from In Flux EP

Marzo 14th
2:22 AM

Video for “Free Coaster Crash" by Coyote Clean Up ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr ) from Magma Mondays, released by Time No Place

Marzo 4th
6:01 PM

Fast Times - BODY TALK from MILKY SWAY on Vimeo.

Video for “Body Talk" by Fast Times, the new project by Jorge Day of Lingerie ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr ) and Milky Sway

Febbraio 23rd
1:52 AM

Dubbed in 3D” by a i r s p o r t s ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook ) from ∜♡MDISCS 2K13 compilation

Febbraio 18th
7:15 PM

AM Portal" by Lone ( Soundcloud / Facebook )

Febbraio 9th
9:20 PM

AMDISCS 2K13 (❤❤,)∜♡ from AMDISCS: Futures Reserve Label on Vimeo.

Teaser video by Simon Ward for “Dubbed in 3D" by a i r s p o r t s ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook ) from the upcoming AMDISCS 2013 compilation, out February 18th

Gennaio 27th
9:34 PM

Passion EP by Choongum ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr )

Gennaio 26th
7:37 PM

It Is Tomorrow, But Not As We Know It

by 8ØØxL

It Is Tomorrow, But Not As We Know It" by 8ØØxL ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook )

Gennaio 24th
4:44 PM

Crystal Gazers by Datahowler ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr ), out on vinyl via Spune

Novembre 11th
8:55 PM

Video edited by Patryk Ludamage for “Push Upstairs/Craven hacked to pieces" by VHS Head ( Soundcloud / Facebook )  from VHS Head MethLab Mix

Novembre 8th
8:30 PM

Official video for “Power Ballad" by Datassette ( Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook ) from People Without Mouths EP, out on vinyl via Shipwrec records and distributed by Clone records

Ottobre 28th
2:36 AM

Video for “Riquelme" by Lukid from Lonely At The Top, out on Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune

Ottobre 2nd
12:53 AM

Sun Glitters ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr ) - “Too Much to Lose

Go Dugong ( Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr ) Remix

Luglio 18th
1:50 AM

Mind Grow" by =Moses=