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Aprile 16th
8:33 PM

Don’t Matter" by Cherokee feat. Darianna (via Roche Musique)

( Cherokee: Soundcloud | Facebook )

Aprile 15th
11:59 PM

Official video (via THUMP) for “Subsonic" by Com Truise from Wave 1 EP, out on Ghostly International

( Com Truise: Website | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Aprile 14th
10:48 PM

Merlinda/Walls' Tales EP is available now for free download via Keats Collective, go check it out !

( Merlinda/Walls: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

10:07 PM

Tribute video to Home made by Peazy86


  1. Nights (i wish i could be there)”
  2. Captain forever
  3. I will forget
  4. Living forever as you are now

( Home: Soundcloud | Facebook )

Aprile 13th
1:52 AM

Time Of Waste" by Merlinda/Walls, the first single off the upcoming Tales EP, out tomorrow for free via Keats Collective

( Merlinda/Walls: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

1:46 AM

Summer Vacation" by Beach Season

1:40 AM

420" by Blackbird Blackbird ( Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Aprile 11th
5:49 PM

Official teaser for Tales EP by Merlinda/Walls, out April 14th via Keats Collective

( Merlinda/Walls: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Aprile 10th
9:13 PM

2 Is 8" by Lone from Reality Testing, out June 16th via R&S Records

8:50 PM

Sleep Sound" by Jamie xx (via Young Turks)

8:41 PM

Stand Still" feat. Micky Green by Flight Facilities (Slow Magic Remix)

Original song:

( Slow Magic: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

( Flight Facilities: Website | Soundcloud | Facebook )

7:53 PM

Permission To Love" by Hayden James (Touch Sensitive Remix)

Original song:

( Touch Sensitive: Soundcloud | Facebook )

( Hayden James: Soundcloud | Facebook )

Aprile 7th
8:08 PM

Girls" by Libano from Nights EP, out now on Horeazon

( Libano: Soundcloud | Facebook )

Aprile 6th
3:56 AM

Check out Celebrate: Recordings' first compilation called “Celebrate: Luxury Elite”, featuring music from Walkie Talkie, Box of Wolves, Shy Wołve, Dinosaurus Rex, Macross 82-99, Nmesh, Skeleton Lipstick, Golden Living Room and many others.

You can purchase this compilation for only 3$ via Bandcamp, all proceeds will go directly to Luxury Elite

Aprile 5th
7:43 PM

Unofficial video edited by Chrome Cassette for “Omeo" by Darius from Romance EP, released on Roche Musique

( Darius: Soundcloud | Facebook )