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B/G by Tyler Spangler

Settembre 14th
11:30 PM

そこにそれがある" by Tendencies from S O M I C O vol. 1 compilation

Settembre 6th
3:35 AM

Stratford Court's new compilation “Aestas" is out now for free, go download it!

Agosto 29th
1:54 AM

To Love Again" by Secret Attraction from Leblond Records' “Leblond Waves Vol. I" compilation

( Secret Attraction: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Agosto 27th
5:34 PM

I Can’t" by Tuuwa x Lewpz from Midwest Collective Vol. 4

MWC Vol. 4 - Teaser Video

( Lewpz: Soundcloud | Facebook )

( Tuuwa: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Agosto 9th
12:39 AM

Video for “Windy City" by Flamingosis from SVNSET WAVES' “SVMMΞR SVN vol. 2" compilation

( Flamingosis: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Luglio 27th
2:09 AM

SVNSET WAVES' “SVMMΞR SVN vol. 2" compilation is now available for free download, go grab it !

Video by lxgrkn

Luglio 26th
1:40 AM

StarClub7" by Tuuwa x Rollergirl from Svnset Waves' SVMMΞR SVN vol. 2 compilation, available tomorrow for free download

( Tuuwa: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

( Rollergirl: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Giugno 11th
2:26 AM

Unofficial video edited by Memorydriive for “From The Start" by Handbook from Keats Collective Volume 5

( Handbook: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Giugno 8th
2:10 AM

Servicio Gómez" by Libano from Horeazon's “Paper Boat Volume 3" compilation

( Libano: Soundcloud | Facebook )

1:21 AM

Video edited by Maniac Synth for “Saturday Jam" by Benedek from Raw Silk Vol. 1, released by Omega Supreme Records

( Benedek: Website | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Giugno 7th
7:44 PM

U-Matic" by VHS Logos from “Hy Brazil Vol 5: New Experimental Music From Brazil 2014" compilation, curated by Chico Dub

( VHS Logos: Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Maggio 26th
11:50 PM

Video by Memorydriive for “After All" by Secret Attraction, from Stratford Court's Confero compilation

( Secret Attraction: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Maggio 21st
4:40 AM

Be sure to check out Stratford Court's brilliant second compilation called “Confero”, available now for free via Bandcamp and Soundcloud

( Stratford Court: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Artwork: Winter Inter & Andrew Walker

Maggio 15th
7:51 PM

Keats Collective's Volume 5 is out now for free download, featuring exclusive tracks from 30 talented artists such as Crowns, Audiosynthes, Wasted Nights, Vanilla, Macross 82-99, Dinosaurus Rex, Rollergirl, Saint Pepsi, Tuuwa, Walkie Talkie, Box Of Wolves, KEV// BOT and many others. Go cop it if you haven’t already !

Artwork by Andrew Walker

Maggio 13th
3:04 AM

Teaser video edited by Trey Riley and Eric Deland for the upcoming Keats//Collective's Volume 5 compilation, which will be out on May 14th

(Track by MTBRD)