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Marzo 30th
11:50 PM

Lift" by Delta Club ( Soundcloud | Facebook )

11:18 PM

So High" by Noöcene O’Neal ( Soundcloud | Facebook )

Via Generation Records

Marzo 27th
9:51 PM

Video edited by Wicked for “Texture Zone" by Topaz Gang from 24 Hours EP

( Topaz Gang: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Marzo 25th
11:27 PM

The long awaited debut album from A Gap Between is finally out for free download via Nueva Forma, go get it !

Check out the video edited by David Dean Burkhart for Summer Nightrunner

( A Gap Between: Soundcloud | Facebook )

Marzo 23rd
2:34 AM

Video by Memorydriive for “Skyline" by Tora Tora from Stratford Court's Amicus Curiae compilation

( Tora Tora: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

Marzo 20th
9:47 PM

脳の嵐BRAINSTORM" by Noöcene O’Neal x DRΞW TRΞΞZ from ⓌⓊⓂⓅⒶ BOOTLEG, available now for free download via Generation Records.

This brand new Noöcene O’Neal's mixtape antcipates his upcoming debut album, which is due out on April 20th.

( Noöcene O’Neal: Soundcloud | Facebook )

4:02 AM

Official video directed and animated by Pete Burkeet for “Closer To The Sun" by Sun Glitters from Scattered Into Light, available through Mush Records

( Sun Glitters: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

3:32 AM

Sun Glitters' remix of “Feel Flows" by Slow Magic from Slow Magic x Sun Glitters 7”, which will be released on April 28th via LebensStrasse Records

Original Track:

( Sun Glitters: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

( Slow Magic: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Marzo 19th
9:08 PM

Slow Magic's remix of Too Much To Lose" by Sun Glitters from the upcoming Slow Magic x Sun Glitters 7”, out April 28th on LebensStrasse Records

Original track

( Sun Glitters: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook | Tumblr )

( Slow Magic: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Marzo 18th
10:56 PM

Check out Sloww Lyfe's EP 2.0, out now on Memory No. 36 Recordings

Video for “Casual Encounterz

( Sloww Lyfe: Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

10:37 PM

Video for “Swish" by Millionyoung from the album Variable, which was released on February 2013 via Old Flame Records

( Millionyoung: Facebook | Tumblr )

9:21 PM

CHANCE*" by Walkie Talkie ( Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Marzo 15th
2:43 AM

Official video directed by Emiliano Ruggiero for Naked Water by Earthquake Island featuring vocals by Mocca, from his new single out now on Bad Panda Records

( Earthquake IslandWebsite | Bandcamp | Soundcloud | Facebook )

Marzo 14th
4:18 AM

Video for “A Fortune Teller Song" by Welcome Back Sailors ( Website / Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / MySpace ) from Yes/Sun, released in 2011 via We Were Never Being Boring

4:04 AM

Tokyo Winter" by Teen Daze ( Bandcamp / Soundcloud / Facebook / Tumblr )